Welcome to Road Not Taken

Name a destination or a problem. You will see several roads leading to it, around it. These roads often look disconnected. They have different start and end points. That is how we often see a journey, a path, in business. Or in life.

At Road Not Taken, we believe that any system or entity is an integrated whole and all parts are forever attempting to be in harmony. The bonds, links and the connections are sometimes visible, sometimes invisible (can you see just dots or birds in the picture on the left?). Well, no matter how big a problem is, if we deconstruct it into its fundamental constituents, the big problem breaks down into smaller units and starts yielding links.

We can now relook or find another way to look; light up this road and that road. Until…

… a new road is born! The road that connects all other roads.

We believe, deconstruction is an art of relentless search for the deeper truth. Things, however disjointed they may seem on the surface, are beautifully connected through one invisible road that runs through its length. This is true of humans, businesses, organizations, brands, cultures.

With this as our guiding True North, Road Not Taken deconstructs business issues and builds solutions from the root. This is our quest at Road Not Taken. One mother solution path.