Understanding Culture

A deep dive into any ethnic group from a culture lens, or a zooming in into a specific aspect of culture; then bringing that cultural relevance into business propositions, communication.

In solving the jigsaw of human behaviour and psyche, especially in modern India, an oft overlooked yet a very solid piece is CULTURE. This oversight is caused by three reasons –

  1. Culture is lived, not spoken. Hence, it hardly ever comes up in conversations while explaining behavior
  2. Today, human behavior is so removed from traditional codes of living, that it almost convinces us that in our drive for modernization, traditional culture has lost its significance
  3. The fever of the rapid pace of modernization has excited observers to such an extent that it has almost blinded them to that which is INKED IN AN INVISIBLE COLOR

It’s time to see the writing on the wall with the magnifying lens of CULTURE because, a culture that is thousands of years old, can at best be hidden somewhere in the psyche, but never be lost.

Organisational Studies

Fear Analysis – Identifying deep-rooted fear clusters in organizations, emotional responses to fear, and identifying solutions to overcome fear.

Change Management – Facilitating the entire process of change by starting with the why, crafting the vision, the communication strategy, envisaging challenges, assessing feasibility and finally, rolling out. 

Idea Capital – Tapping into ideas resident within an organization, identifying game-changing ideas and charting out a roll out plan.

Human side of Enterprises – Diving deep into any human aspect of an organization to help build in a desired direction.

Values – Personal values that any organized body stands for – could be brands, corporates, employees, consumers and the interplay between these entities.

Image Research and Perception Research– Studying the Image of a brand or any entity is studying the total character of the entity. It is marked by a set of perceptions that people have in mind about the entity.

Brand-Consumer- Category Research

Facilitated workshops – Brainstorming workshops for ideation, co-creating solutions, training on concept writing, consumerization

Dissonance Research – Understanding pockets of dissonance, conflicts within an organization, products, brands and co-creating solutions to harmonize.

Opinion Research – Diving deep into different trails of opinions and events that have led to the formation of individual opinions. Studying interplay of opinions and how that has an impact on brands, consumers, and choices.

Brand Values/ Brand Equity –Values that any organized body stands for – could be brands, corporates, employees, consumers and the interplay between these entities.

Exploratory Research and Innovation – Exploring new possibilities, white spaces, Innovation strategy, Ideas, Concept, Product and Pack testing

Communication Research  – Testing advertising stimulus prior to launching the ad